How you can open TV WhatsApp and earn money through it

Best method to open WhatsApp TV and gain Members in a week


We have some people out there if not millions of people making some research on how their smartphones can fetch them money without any investment or going through any stress.
Today’s article will be on how to make real money on WhatsApp TV, I have some research and I will give you best method to earn from WhatsApp status. What you need to do is to go through this post and check the method that will work for you without spending a years to build audience.

I was with you guys back then when I’m searching different websites on how to build a successful Tv WhatsApp business. My WhatsApp TV was named Tellingnaija Tv it took almost 3months to earn some money from it and it’s stressful then. But I don’t want you to be in that scenario, so be with me via this post and start making money in just a week. Although that my WhatsApp TV is not alive anymore. If you need reason you can chat me up and I give you reason.

What do you understand by WhatsApp TV?

Most people want to open it but they don’t have basic knowledge on how it works, even how to start it, which is totally bad idea as young adults.
Tv WhatsApp is recognised as Television WhatsApp and it can be for various purposes. Either for education, Technology, funny jokes, entertainment or policy and people you have on your contact will see it whenever you update your status.

I hoped everyone aware about WhatsApp status views by viewing our contact status whenever they update their status. This status can either be videos,text and images.
Since you understand above statement, that’s just TV WhatsApp is all about.
But this time, you have to be funny and serious when updating your status.

Most people that are involved in WhatsApp TV business are the youth and it’s all about entertainment, comedy show and lots more before they gain audience and start earning with it.

Easy way to open WhatsApp TV and earn from it

Before you can be success after you have opened WhatsApp TV, here are the requirements things you must have;

Get your Android phone that is powered with at least 3G RAM with minimum processor of 2.0Ghz and minimum storage of 16GB ROM. You can also run it on iPhone devices.
Make sure your brand name are totally unique, easy to remember and it should be easy to pronounce
Make attractive logo
Get WhatsApp Business from playstore
For iOS users, you can download it via this link
Get best video & photo editing apps from playstore, make sure you don’t have one.
Once you have those requirements, then you are on the go.

After you have downloaded the app make installation of it and fill up necessary things about your TV show and it on verify button.

Once verification is successful, you will need to upload your photo (either your logo) and select your brand name for your company and move to the next step by waiting for few seconds
After all of this, you should have created your WhatsApp TV.

How you can earn cool money from Tv WhatsApp

If I should not make any mistake, there are thousands of Tv WhatsApp and you will see some funny photos and within that photo you can see hi this number and tell us your name to start receiving funny pictures like this.
Those things are growing almost everywhere but only few are success with it.
Although it’s not long time work, but it’s pretty cool for young guys like you.
But there is one important rule in this business, do you know it?
If no no problem, the rule is the higher your audience, the more WhatsApp will fetch you some income and also you have to always be online.
If you have higher audience, means you will see customer that he or she is willing to advertise on your TV show.

The format is just like blogger. For those publisher that run Google Adsense will understand me better. People do advertise on Google AdWords and any publisher that have Adsense will display the ads, means whenever you see visitor on your blog you will surely earn from it. I’m trying to tell you that you don’t need to be surprised whenever you see TV WhatsApp people that have over 5000 views are still looking for more audience because the competition don’t stop there, you might think your members are okay for you but the story don’t ends here. If you make your research, you will note that some have over 10,000 and still looking for more contacts. Don’t forget the higher your members the more you will earn from it.
Although you don’t need to have up to 1,000+ views before you can earn from it, but the higher your contact the chance you will earn from it will high.

Best method to build your WhatsApp TV

I recommend you guys to put watermark to any phot or video you want to upload to your Tv.
Using watermark on anything you publish will surely help you grow your audience because when you updated your status with some funny photos, some can download it and through that some people can share it and they can add you up on WhatsApp based on what you write on watermark.

How you can get funny contents or media
You can get funny media via Instagram or Twitter and Facebook without wasting much time.

I believed this article will help you grow your audience within few days without much time to waste.

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