AnonyTun Free Browsing on Glo

Latest free browsing cheat for Glo using Anonytun VPN
It is has not been easy with internet users to browse under harsh data subscription and it is important to note that in today’s world, internet is life and man cannot do without it. However, for low budget users who may find it difficult to get a data subscription, you will have full free internet access by the time you read this post to the end.
However, make sure you read the article from the begining to the end.

For this trick to work, we will make use of Anonytun VPN pro app for android devices, we will guide you through the process on how to download Anonytun VPN and set up the free browsing cheat even if you don’t having basic knowledge of device tricks.
You should also understand that we will be using GLO sim card to perform this trick as it has been proven to work flawlessly and the browsing experience is super fast. You will have access to unlimited download, movies and video stteaming and even online gaming, so sit back and read this post to the very end to be able to activate this cheat.

Apart from the free browsing previllege you get from Anonytun VPN pro using GLO sim you will have additional security on your data online as you will be anonymous and your browsing experience will be secured. Anonytun VPN apk comes with nice interface which is easy and the app is light weighted.


An Android device
A Glo sim card
Anonytun apk app
A strong 3G or 4G network.

How to activate GLO free browsing cheat with Anonytun

1. Download Anonytun VPN pro from here
2. Install the app and launch
3. If you are having any issue with the installation, you should go to settings, security and then enable installation from unknown source. After that you can then go ahead and install and launch.
4. Once you are logged in to the interface, click on the cache bar, then select GLO cache
5. Tick the advance option button and edit the preset name to your taste, you can give the preset any name of your choice.
6. Next is to go to bandwith and select the highest value, click save and go back to the main interface.
7. Click on the custom tweak tab, choose GLO 3G or GLO 4G to select the network speed.
8. Save the entire settings and hit the connect button
9. Launch any browser of your choice and open any webpage.
10. Once the page loads without any error, it means you are online.

Once you are through with the entire settings above you can then start your free browsing. You can download large files with full speed as you will completely download 2GB file size within 15 minutes if you are in an area with moderate network.
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