How to get free 1GB on Gidimo App

How to get free data on Gidimo app for free

Most people do search for app to dash them free data just like Zoto or MyMTN app that offers arwuf bonus, during that journey, some wasted their MB on that.
Today’s article, I will introduce you to best app that give you free data in Nigeria without any policy attached to it.

I hoped some of you guys is aware of Gidimo app and some haven’t hear the name before. Gidimo is free android Apk app that offers you free data in Nigeria.
If you’ve not get your own free data, and you will appreciate to get it, then be with us because at the end of this article you will know how to get data and accumulate up to 1GB on Gidimo app.

How do you think Gidimo platform operate

It’s online organisation and they try to make learning super simple for everyone that wish to learn and this organisation aim all African students.

What types of education will you come across on Gidimo
This platform comprises different types of programme to offer students in any level. Level come across tertiary, primary school and some professional offers.
In some cases, learning happen to be in form of battle or social challenges. But on this platform, everything is going to be easy for any interesting students and it will surely help you to remember what you learn.

Gidimo Tournament

This platform offer online tournaments for all their users and it’s optional. On this tournaments you can win a prize, laptop or smartphone only if you know how the game goes.

About Gidi (GGs)

Before you can enjoy all Gidimo programs, you will need GGs. GGs (Gidi) is just like a data plan that give you free access to all their programs.

This GGs is known as e- currency on this platform. How can you get this GGs?
GGs can be purchased by using your real money via PayPal, Credit or debit card, bank transfer and lots of online payment.

How can I see my GGs balance?

To check your GGs balance is quite simple with Gidimo app. All you need to do is to launch the application on your Android device, filling in your login details incase you have not do it. Once the app load finish, go to wallet section and you will see your GGs balance and remember that this GGs can be redeemed to data bundle.

Summary on how Gidimo platform work

Let me use this section to answer most users queries on how Gidimo works.
For those people that don’t understand how Gidimo works. This platform offers online forum in wish users can interact with one another or share difficulty questions, find answers to unsolved problems and share questions with others.

How can I get my own free data plan on Gidimo app

Ohhh, at the beginning of this post I never mentioned how many data bundle Gidimo offer for new users.
Gidimo platform dash out 150mb for their new users immediately when they sign up.

Let me analyse how you will get your 150mb. When you sign up on Gidimo website, you will be rewarded with

50MB is given for signing up on the Gidmo platform and 100MB is also given for installing the Gidimo Android app.

Any member can get more than 1GB data only if they know how to play the game by referring their families and friends to register on Gidimo platform with their referral code.

Most people are thinking maybe the sign up is kind of technical, it’s super easy and it doesn’t take much of your time.
All you need to do is to get your first 50mb on their website by registering with your phone number, at the time of sign up process, Gidimo we need to send you OTP to any number you used for the registration.

They are doing this in other to prevent spam. Immediately you receive the OTP just make sure you input it and wait for few minutes. You will surely get rewarded with just 50mb.

To get another 100mb you will need to download Gidimo app from playstore and sign in with your credential.l, after successful login, you will be rewarded with another 100mb making 150mb wish is pretty cool enough because you don’t have to pay anything before you are rewarded.

For people that want more mb

If you are one of those people that need to accumulate up to GB data bundle, you need to participate in referral programme.

How you to load Gidimo wallet

As mentioned earlier, you will be rewarded with GGs if you participate in any topic or challenges, school quiz and tournaments. But have it in your mind that you can get more GGs on your wallet by loading via your account.
I mean you can buy GGs on Gidimo app via wallet section and click on purchase.

Also note that you can’t do anything successfully on Gidimo app without the GGs, I mean before you can participate in their online programme you will need to purchase GGs and this GGs can be converted to data plan on any network.
For more documentation on Gidimo, I suggest you should visit Gidimo website.

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