Simple Way to Use Hotspot When I Run VPN on Anroid

How to share my phone internet (hotspot) connection whenever I use VPN app

Did you find it difficult when you use VPN and you are unable to share that VPN connection with hotspot?

You don’t have to worry again because this article will guide you through on how you can share your phone connection when your VPN is on.
This latest method don’t need any technical process or you have to root your device or download PDA net before it can work. I mean you don’t need PDA net on your phone or PC before you on the hotspot. What you need to do is just to follow up.

VPN tethering connection might be difficult for some people to do, since most of the free browsing cheat out there use VPN and you wish to share with your friends or PC but it’s difficult for you to share. Almost Android device came with lock bootloader and it’s not easy to root just like that and the best method to share VPN connection is to get your device rooted and this can let you void your warranty.

Our recent article based on how to share VPN connection with hotspot and this operation can work perfectly on rooted device and when our users was unable to root their device, that queries gave us much concern and we made some research on how to share VPN connection on non-rooted Android phone.
We are here today to present you best way to share VPN connection on non-rooted phone for free. So let proceed on how to tether or share any VPN connection without rooting your phone or using PDA net.

Method to tether or share VPN connection on non-rooted phone

Let be serious in this section for that you will not find it difficult to tether.
Firstly, you have to download and install every proxy Apk app to your Android device
Once you are through with installation steps, launch the app and move to next procedure
Launch your VPN app and make it to get connected, now go to settings and activate your hotspot.
Now navigate back to the every proxy and hit on setting option and pick some IP address under http proxy
After that, navigate back and tick on http button and your IP address will be generated.

How you can tether or share VPN internet connection for other device

Once you have setup your every proxy app, you can proceed with the next step on how to tether your VPN connection for others device.

Step one, activate your hotspot under settings, long press on hotspot to see settings. Some phone might be different
Under hotspot section, click on edit and input or pick proxy and make sure you set IP and port that was generated with every proxy app
After that, hit the save button, connect any phones with your hotspot and launch any browser you have on your phone.

How to make your PC connect to your VPN connection
In other to tether VPN connection for PC, you will need to download and install some third party app on your computer.
I recommend you to download and install Proxifier app on your system and make the following settings.

Download Proxifier setup and install it on your PC

After successful installation on your PC WiFi and connect
Now launch Proxifier and click on proxy server and add those proxy that was generated on your every proxy app.
Once you have filled up those things click on test and once test is completed, launch any browser on your PC and start enjoying VPN connection.

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