How to get free data bundle with 20bids for all network | Free browsing

Tellingnaija is here again with the trending post that offers you free browsing data for free on any network you are using for your data connection.
Tellingnaija will unfold how to get free 500mb data with 20bids Apk app for free. I’m going to guide you through on how you can claim your free data on 20bids.

free data on 20bids

20bids operate just like another app that gives free data for free like Gidimo app, flaim apk app and 24clan green VPN app that reward new members free data bundle to access any websites without restriction.

20bids, what’s it all about and how they operate

20bids are said to be an online organization that is all about online product reviews like: Amazon products, Julia services, Alibaba services, take lots of products, Etsy services, and many other online reviews.
The question is “how does 20bids data work”?
This platform aids members to know more details about their devices, health, shoes and some other gadgets.
You will earn from any products or services you share with your friends and family across social media platforms. I’m trying to tell you that you will be rewarded for any services you promote

How does 20bids reward new members with 500mb in 2020

Apart from earning with 20bids, you can get a free browsing bundle for free without paying any amount.

How much can I make with 20bids platform?

We have many queries from our users on how 20bids generate a free data bundle for new members and how much we can make on 20bids by sharing their products. For that reason, I have made some research and I’m hereby to present you full features of 20bids Apk app.
Below are the features of 20bids platform

You can earn up to $150 for free online by helping 20bids to share items.

On 20bids, you have access to share for just 20 hours per day and you can earn more than $150 per month on in a single day. This depends on the types of products you share.


20bids is one of the referral programs

When you share your referral link to anyone and someone register through the referral link, you will earn $1.5 for anyone that signs up via your referral link. You only get that amount if the new member activates his/her account.

You receive a 20 percent discount from the commission charged for the item you purchased and you can cancel your donation cards once your bid has been confirmed by either of our market place partners.

By posting trendy items from our associates online on our website, you can make $250 online within a month, once your email has been reviewed and activated you can cancel your rewards before the 30th of each date.

You will earn up to $1000 to become our officer, receive passive income by helping us spread our facilities across the globe.

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Their method of payment is quite simple by an offer to the customer in their own nation on peer to peer online billing option. 20bids we reward users per any transaction under you.

How will I get my free data bundle on 20bids platform

The requirement to get your own data bonus on 20bids
Download the app from their website via this link
Make sure your android device is compatible with it, I mean your Android must be running on version 4.0 and later.

Step on creating an account on 20bids

Use the above link to visit their website and register or register with the app and fill the appropriate form that was displayed to you. Make sure you fill it correctly by entering your accurate data because they will request for it if you want to claim your data.

Once your account is activated, then log in on the mobile app to claim your free browsing data bonus. But be sure you give them accurate information because the MB can be sent to the wrong number.

Once your account is activated, login and wait for few minutes before you see alert of 500mb data on any network you are using. Sometimes, you might not see it immediately, so don’t worry it can be system glitch or network.

Best way to get unlimited mobile data plan on 20bids app

As mentioned earlier, this is a referral program, for you to get unlimited data bonus, you will need to participate in their referral system before you can generate data bundle that is up to 10GB

That’s all I have about the 20bids referral system. Thanks for reading and if you want to add additional information please use our comment section box.

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