Latest Vodacom free browsing cheat with EC Tunnel VPN App

Hi friends, I understand what most of you people went through last month. We are all aware that free browsing code for data is not that easy to get, but good news for everybody in May 2020.
After a lot of research, we made on free internet browsing, we discovered a new method you can access the internet on your android device with the help of a VPN app.

ec tunnel vpn
We know that VPN is the popular app we normally used to power up any free browsing on our phones and the same things is going to happen today. I’m going to share one application that’s is known as the EC tunnel VPN app, It’s one of the most interesting free browsing VPN apps that work in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Philippine, India, Cameroon, and Algeria.
With this free browsing VPN, you have access to make WhatsApp video calls on your smartphone without lagging or flicking. You can play online multiplayer games with this free browsing data.

Everyone’s belief is that free browsing data on VPN is very difficult to configure, even most users failed on setting up their VPN for free browsing Cheat and at the end, they will say the free data is not working for them.
Never know they configure it in the wrong way and that’s should not be the case.
In today’s article, I’m going to guide you through on how to set up your EC tunnel VPN for free internet browsing and I will come up with an easy configuration that you can grab it in time without any technical problems.
Yes, we are going to help you to set up this EC tunnel for free internet browsing on your smartphone.
All you need to do is to follow this post and don’t try to skip any step so that you are not going to lost along with the configuration steps.

But before will move on, let know those materials you need before you can use this EC tunnel VPN free browsing code on your android phone.

Requirements for EC tunnel VPN free browsing cheat

Download latest version of EC tunnel from playstore
Vodacom SIM card without any active data plan.
Strong internet connection on your device
The operating system should be Android

Those are what you need to have before eligible for the free browsing cheat.

How to configure EC tunnel to powered Vodacom network for free internet browsing

Use the link provided above to download EC tunnel VPN application from playstore and install it.
Launch the EC tunnel VPN apk app on your Android device, wait for few minutes for EC tunnel VPN to download those config files and after the downloading, click on connect button
After a few minutes EC tunnel we get you connected to the internet and start surfing the internet with free internet data.

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