What you can do if your device fall into water

When the phone falls inside the water, Things to do

The way to prevent a phone from water damage
Recently, smartphone producers have been producing water-resistant mobiles to minimize phone damages due to water.

phone falls inside water

Users who’ve such mobiles visit the extent of moving deep to water bodies such as swimming pools beaches etc. on to take selfie and videos of themselves.

However, perhaps not all tablets are designed with such feature so if you do not possess water-resistant phone, then this guide is for you. If you decide to comply with the following steps, when your phone drops into water, and it does not mean your phone is damaged.


Things to do When You Reduce Your Mobile Phone within Water
Yes, mistakes do occur, and there are cases when phones accidentally fall in the water, of course, if you fall a victim trust in me is damaged nonetheless, and there isn’t any need to panic.

To save your device from death you need to act as quick as you can whatever you have to is to check out steps along with your device will probably be back to usual.

Remove your smartphone from water.

The longer your device remains in the water also carries gulps, the more critical the case becomes.

Therefore, getting it out of the water shows a high prospect of its survival. However, if your phone drops from a waterfall, a broad and deep water body or even into a well, you do not demand to be told to overlook and purchase a brand new one as you will not be risking your own life for a phone that probably cost only a couple bucks.

If just you have zero per cent of risk all in your life, be wise, you should only save your valuable phone.

2. Switch the Telephone off instantly
Congrats! If you get it and as I said earlier in the day you need to be as fast as possible. The next thing is to switch your device, the mistake in order to prevent it to begin operating your phone as it may hurt your phone. Perform a fast check when the device remains on and switch it off of course, when your device is switched off upon touch then it’s possible to visit the next thing below.

3. Take out
After changing your device, take out the battery (just if it’s removable) sd card, sim card along with phone pouch or coat. Don’t go further to loosening the device to expose the panel (board) or the inbuilt battery unless you happen to be a tech.

4. Dry it off

Now that your phone is off and removable components are eliminated, and the next thing is to dry it off. However, to wash it off, before we proceed, there are a few rules if broken, here as they will complicate the situation.

Rules you are not to violate include;

Do not heat
Do not use the toaster to warm the phone if you do not wish to eat your phone as a cake. Any source of heat except sun will complicate the problem.

Never attempt blow to dry
Do not utilize the blow dryer Because It also produces some heat that may also damage some internal part on your Cell Phone

Never put from the freezer
We’re trying to get water from this phone rather than to turn it into solid ice, make sure the water Won’t remove the water and will not dry it out

To dry your phone here is everything you need to do;

Don’t be deceived, and your phone may appear to be dry from the outside. But it isn’t dried somewhat on the inside, therefore to remove those water in the inside you need to get raw uncooked rick to a bucket, then bury your mobile phone in it.
This may sound insane as it’s been demonstrated to be useful, but it is the best option you have. Rice has the power to consume water from the device without leaving a drop behind.

Most people have no idea the use of the small bag filled up with little granule substance that is added to shoe boxes. However, they only get a moderate quantity, can do much help to your wet phone and bury your phone. Silica is, therefore, it’s perfect for drying a wet smartphone.

For the greatest outcome, you will have to leave your phone in both cited above i.e Rice and Silica for around 3 days.

Dry with the sun (For technicians only)
To dry sunlight, you’ll have to lose the device to expose the device that you might need to disperse in sunlight for absorption from sun, but you should only do this if you’re a tech because it is possible to damage your device outside repair if you are not a technician.

Switch in Your device
If you tried any one of the drying techniques previously, then your device should now be gone all of the water molecules. Power in your phone, it will work fine.

Charge it and should not function then it means that the device is rolling out some error which may have occurred as a result of corroded elements of the device.

Then it means you’ll need to get an alternative. You need to be aware that the techniques explained in this essay operate as well as also your phone needs to power on, only in case you were fast enough as explained earlier.

Service the board (for technicians only)
If your phone refuses to power on, then that may be the last resort, then you should get rid of the device to expose your panel, get a soft brush (soft toothbrush recommended) and wet it using isopropyl alcohol or soul as a few will understand that then lightly scrub the plank this really would always be to remove dirt, salt or another particle which might have led to the corroding or dormant situation. Furthermore, you should be careful of the alcohol while the glue on your phone may dissolve, causing irreparable damage, not to touch-sensitive parts.

You should now sundry your phone for several minutes and then power up. I should now work fine.

Purchase a one
You are definitely out of luck if your mobile does not start up on looking for the techniques so that the next thing to accomplish is to buy a new one, it is possible to trade it to company or technicians that recycle damaged mobiles.
However, knowing you are the careless type, I’ll counsel you get water-resistant mobiles and you will be OK.

I really hope this guide is helpful for you, if yes share your own experience from the comment box below and if you have got any question or feedback we are always here to answer.

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