Glassdoor reviews, is it a reliable resource? Gartner Glassdoor

Glassdoor reviews, is it a reliable resource for usres? Gartner Glassdoor

Today I’m writing on Glassdoor reviews. Is Glassdoor a reliable data source? A lot of people have been asking about Glassdoor that what the heck is it? So I’m going to give an answer to that question.

Glassdoor is a website that gives reviews about companies or organizations that you can just go to and read about those companies and organizations without having to speak with anyone working in that organization before, so does that sound interesting?


Yes I guess it is because with this company you can get more detail information about the organization you want to search for, so they will give you detailed information about the organization you want to search for.

What Glassdoor reviews does

they give you pieces of information like how the company looks like, their salary information, the structure of the company, pictures of the office, what employees think about the company, and how the organization looks like.

So, a lot of people always wonder that is the website a reliable source of data? if you check the website review you will just see that they are just only having 2 Star which is really bad.

My opinion about Glassdoor

I do think glassdoor reviews is a good data source, it is actually the best public data source we’re having that could quickly give you data about organizations which I don’t think it could be easy to get on any other website after so, does that sound great?

Imagine it going into an organization and getting a sample size of people that are working there and you conducting your own survey based on what you got from the website

Glassdoor is the best source of publicly available information about what it’s like to work in any organization or companies

Other people’s opinion about Glassdoor

Some people say people only go there to put bad reviews but that is an argument but people only go there only to put good reviews, regarding any of the two steps you take for any organization

When you have 500 or 1000 or 2000 reviews from employees, chances are that you don’t just have two thousand angry people that are batching you online

If you have a number of reviews like that, when some people say it was good and some others say that it was bad they accurately don’t see what to work there

I’m doing some research and Glassdoor gave me access to a lot of data and I analyzed over 250 companies based on how they are providing experiences for their employees

But I’m not just looking at the stars but I’m looking at the reviews people are writing about the company and the content and what they are saying

So with that, I should be able to know much about that company Glassdoor reviews gave me access to, shouldn’t I? So, that’s what you also should look at about Glassdoor not about the stars people are giving the company.

Fact about Glassdoor

But I do think Glassdoor is a great reliable data source first to look at and it’s the best one that’s publicly available. But I think it very unfair to say it’s bad because of the reviews people gave to it

Just like you go to a restaurant and you only saw two reviews for the restaurant and you say the only people that put that review there are only those who eat from the restaurant, is that possible?

So the thing is you can spring up the argument from any field you want but I’m more concerned with the overall big picture trend.

If you got a company that got thousands of people and thousands of reviews or 500 reviews that’s your accurate presentation of your workforce

So I think it’s better to pay more attention to what those writings and reviews are.

There have been a lot of studies in the coalition by Glassdoor reviews and other third-party companies that show that the reviews you’re having on Glassdoor do impact business markets performance and engagement stuffs like that

I do think it’s safe for organizations to look into data source like Glassdoor reviews and actually put some business way behind it and put in some seriousness and respects that I think it deserves

Because at the end of the day it’s your customers and probably your employees that are putting those reviews there, and it’s what it’s paying attention to

Is Glassdoor the best data source to look at?
I think so but it might not be perfect, it’s the best that’s out there. What else I think it’s very interesting before I wrap up 🤔?

What I think is that it’s just the beginning of where we are going because in the future you are going to see transparent pieces of information not about the company but about the people that work there may be the managers, it might not be by name but by titles, by groups, and by functions.

So imagine, you look up a company and it got a certain star rating and you’re also able to the star rating by a division per managers that might be working there

I think that might be the direction we are going with a lot of transparency and a lot of reviews to get the glimpse of what’s going on inside the companies

Gartner reviews from Glassdoor

Let me quickly give a smart review about Gartner, according to Glassdoor they review Gartner as the best place to work in 2019. But mind you I will give you many details about this company in future articles

Let’s wrap up
So that’s it about Glassdoor reviews and what they do. With what I’ve written here I think you should have seen the reason why you shouldn’t be concerned about what so ever reviews people are giving them? So that’s for today, have a nice day.

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