Google ad or Google ads? Best marketing strategy

Most people call it to google add because the way it sounds so they think that’s what it is, but this is wrong it’s called Google ads which means google Adword so how does this be the best marketing strategy?

Google has been known to be the best website ever in the internet world do which means it’s known as the heart of every website if I’m right so that’s why it’s good to market your things with them so how does this help?


Before I answer those questions firstly let’s learn about the meaning of google ads it’s self which some people most times call google ad which probably means google adword.

Google ads is a platform created by Google for the advertisers to reach their targeted audience and location in other for them to make more sales get many benefits from there products

This has been one of the best way to advertise your stuff on the internet because Google is a website that almost everyone visits every day if you have any device that has access to the internet it’s most likely you visit google every day

So this is the reason why running ads with them us one of the best ways to meet your targeted audience. So how does this works in terms of showing what you do to people?

This has been what everyone has been seeing on google every time you visit the site because showing what you do to people is not something hard for Google to do because of the popularity of the website

Whenever you search anything on google and you see a result like this below picture then that is how your ads would be appearing on Google search engine result pages.

In that result, we can see Google and another website coming out for that keyword “Google ads” that means that you set your ads on google to come out for some specific keywords

A keyword is the soul of Google ads in terms of it appearing on the search engine result pages so there are some processes for settings up a Google add (google ads) campaigns so let’s get started

Steps to take before setting up google ads campaign for best marketing strategy.

The first thing you need to do before setting up ads for your business on Google is to do a keyword research mind you not everyone does this because I guess they don’t know it or probably they think it’s not important

So how do you do the best keyword research for your google adword? The best tool to use for your Google ads setup is the Google keyword planner

How does google keyword planner works?

Google keyword planner is a tool the helps you to make some research on the keyword you want to use for your ads set up in order for you to get the best meteors and help you meet your targeted audience through this powerful tool

If you can learn how to use this tool effectively it would really help for setting up your ads campaign, this is the first thing you have to do before setting up your google add campaign for best marketing strategy.


Other steps to take to set up your google ads campaign

The next thing you have to do is to visit google ads website and start your campaign set up so as to make your advertisement start appearing on Google search engine result pages asap

After getting to the site there are few simple forms you are to fill and after that, you will have to choose your targeted location and the time you want to add to start appearing

And other things you have to do in other for your ads to Start appearing

This is the few steps for setting up your google ad campaign up and getting the best marketing strategy ever for your business promotion

With the meaning given to this google add which really mean google ads I’m sure you have gained some things and learn more on how this can help you promote your business and help you get more money to your bank account

Let’s discuss some benefit this best marketing strategy would give you
One of its benefits is that it helps you to drive more sales to your business and if you’re a website owner it also help you to get more website visitor to your website so that’s why it’s good.

It helps your business to be more popular to people because it keeps on showing as far as people are searching for your keyword and this is the best way of creating awareness for small businesses.

It saves much money and helps you to spend less, unlike other advertising platforms Google is making it easier for people to make more sales with affordable prices.

They bring to you the exact amount of people you really want, this makes Google ads more powerful than every other advertising networks because it is really targeted.

This is some of the benefits you can get while advertising with google add (Google ads) you can also try to learn more about this service and how it can help you promote your business.


Let’s bring it to a conclusion:

This is the best marketing strategy I know it’s working for people and also work out for you if you can try it out as well. I’m sure you’ve now known that it’s not google add that it’s Google ads. Thank you.

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