List of latest jobs/vacancies in Nigeria 2020

Here is the list of latest jobs/vacancies in Nigeria that you can do in this year 2020 but you know that not every work people are writing on out there are relevant or good for you but here I will bring to you jobs you can do with no stress and bring in more income.

People argues that there is no job in Nigeria

Yes, we all know that there is no job in Nigeria but you know what I will tell you there are jobs in Nigeria even works that can bring you money more than you expected they are the list of latest jobs in Nigeria.

job in Nigeria
The most discouraging aspect of Nigerian looking for work
This is the most discouraging and most saddest aspect of most Nigerians looking for jobs/vacancies online when you tell them to do the type of works I’m about to list here they would turn back and leave because they don’t know how good this types of job can pay them but if you try it you will thank me soon latest jobs in Nigeria

Thou I will also put a link for you to get some jobs/vacancies you are all searching for but before I do so I will, first of all, bring out the jobs I know it would work out for you and make you someone who is self-dependent even with this list of jobs you don’t need to work under anyone but trust me you are making something out of life.

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Introduction to the latest working job opportunity in Nigeria
These jobs/vacancies I’m about telling you are things you might have heard of before but you don’t know how it’s done but trust me you can start all these jobs with little investments.

These works are jobs you can do right from your home they are called online works. Yes, online works are the best way of making cool money in Nigeria now but most Nigerians that are doing these works are not ready to teach but with the list here I’m sure you can learn more about how it’s done.

List of latest jobs in Nigeria

  1. Google AdWords
  2. work with hiresine
  3. start survey online
  4. Start blogging
  5. Become a freelancer
  6. Digital marketing
  7. online marketer
  8. Sell a self product on social media

Explanation about the works

Google adword is a network that is created by google just to help marketers to meet there targeted audience or customers. The question is how can you make money with them? Making money with them is very simple all you have to do is to go to and type Google Adword certificate thereafter you will take a Google course of few days then you will have your certificate mind you if you have google certificate with you there are a lot of work opportunities for you.

  • Hiresine


Work with hiresine: is a website that pays you for a lot of things you do they have various works available for you if you posses any computer skill but the most interesting part of them is that you can make money even without computer skills because they have alot of works available all you have to do is just to visit to learn more.

There are different types of online hiresinesurvey work you can do on of which you will be asked some questions about thing they want to improve and with your answer they will pay you reasonable money visit google to learn more about it.

There are a lot of ways of making money with blogging there has been a lot of successful stories of a blogger if you chose blogging then you are on the right path. There are different ways of making money through blogging which you will enjoy you can learn more about it on google as well.

Freelancers are people that do a different type of world online and are paid all with no stress there are a lot of high paying work on freelancing if you possess any skill at all I’m sure you can work as a freelancer all from your home learn more about it on google
Digital marketing is all about marketing online product and you get paid for it there are a lot of people that possess some marketing skill that have the opportunity of doing this job but all the same you have to also learn more about it as well on google
Online marketing is also similar to digital marketing but it sounds as if they are the same but there are some little difference among them but google will explain more better about It than I can.

Also, you can sell your own product online also it can be on social media or you open a website for it.
Now the question is how does it work?
This simply works like when you have a product you want to sell and someone order for it you will ask for the personal address or the nearest bus stop and send them the product this is what people are searching for now because you will really ease them with no stress and they will simply get their product all with no stress. latest jobs in Nigeria.

The normal job you’re searching for
Yes I know this is why you at here because a lot of people want to work in offices and earn their salary like we’ve all know yes you can also get those jobs/vacancies on that’s the website you will get works that are of high paying and also there are alot of jobs opportunities there.

Those are the works you can do in Nigeria but I prefer you starting those online works I’ve listed because they are the jobs/vacancies I trusted and I know it’s really working out right now for everyone. Thanks for reading.

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