Rank math reviews 2020 | Best way to get over your competitors

Ranking on the front page of Google and eventually winning the first position has been a hard job for people to get through
now as a webmaster but if there could be a way to get through this discouraging things won’t you do it? This is the best way to get over your competitors.

rank math

I know everyone would do what so ever to get through a discouraging thing like this that’s why I know you will be highly interested in this post about Rank math review so let’s get started

The reason why this Rank math reviews (2020) is necessary

Search engine optimization is the heart of all webmasters even including google itself that’s why all bloggers are running a race that turns friends to an internet enemy, because if your friend turns out

becoming your competitor then that means you have to start looking for a way to outrank such person but do you know the best way to get over your competitors?

Don’t worry rank math would do that for you. With Rank math Seo plugin you can beat as much competitor as you want with this helpful Seo tool so let’s dig deep into this.

Compare this plugin to Yoast review (2020)

rank math reviews
Unlike Yoast SEO plugin that’s is known by most webmasters, rank math is much better than them because I have proved to tell you why I prefer rank math to yoast so let me brief you with a small story of mine

Note: I’m not writing to get money from anyone but I’m only writing what I think it’s can help everyone.

Why I decided to choose Rank math (reviews 2020)
When I started blogging I was introduced to Yoast plugin thou it helps me in optimizing my post for better ranking as well and brought me to google thou I rank but then I don’t know the best way to get over my competitors because with this Yoast plugin backlinks is a great king to respect. but when I got to know about this interesting rank math plugin I’ve won snippet on google as even got more favor for ranking even when I don’t worth it

So do you also want to get more advantages like me?

Let me tell you how rank math operates
Rank math plugin is developed mainly to help webmasters to rank well on google (best way to get over your competitors) because they know that ranking on

Google has been a hard thing for us to do so they purposely bring put this cheat Seo tool for the favour of us all

With rank math, you have alot of advantages like winning the snippet (even when you’re not ranking 1 on google) getting more clicks over your competitors (even when they rank more than you do) and alot more.

So I would like to give you some of their features and how this could help you to get in from of the SERP

Keyword density

This means how many times a keyword or phrase you optimize your post for appearing on your page or post. For this bean compulsory for a better ranking rank math tool would help you to know when and how to place your keywords well on those particular posts so as to aid you rank well on Google Search results pages

Focus keyword in the meta description

Just like Yoast plugin rank math would also help you to check if you have your keyword in meta description just to make you get a more attractive click from Google and use your keyword in the predicted meta description they use for you but if I’m to tell I would say that you don’t need to write any meta description for your post, if you’re using rank math plugin.

Because that will scan your post and make sure they bring out a meta description that suits your post because another benefit this gives it that it if you don’t use any meta description it helps google to ranks you for more keywords and phrases and aid then to give a meta description that suit what users are searching for so if you use a meta description you might not have this advantage. because it happens to me since I’ve been using this precious plugin

Length of words
The most webmaster does not know that length of their words for a particular post helps alot since google has updated their algorithms on it and make word lenght a new ranking factor, some also know that post length matters but they don’t want to write it but with rank math you will see your percentage of ranking and also know your fate of ranking for your word lenght as well

URL characters length

URL characters length also helps in a diverse way so as to rank on Google but if you don’t know how to do it you might not get better ranking but this plugin would help you to determine and tell you how good your URL characters is for that post

Keyword in subheadings

Adding a keyword to your post singes helps a lot when the search engine bot visits your site because it tells them the keyword you really want to rank for so this Seo tool would tell you how to use these keywords and also let you know if you’ve overused the keyword for the post that’s why it’s a better SEO plugin for WordPress.

Keyword in image attributes

Do you have an idea of how helpful it could be to you if you add your keyword to your image attributes? If you don’t rank math would tell you why you should. Mind you this plugin have helped me a lot through bringing my image out for image searches in google and it’s another means if driving traffic to your website

Linking to external resources

Linking to external resources online Is a very good factor for ranking most webmasters don’t want to link out to external resources because they think

the site they are linking to Is the only one that would benefit from it not knowing they also would, this is called a referral link because you’re helping Google to get to know about those sites and resources faster, google would use it as a better ranking factor for you because you helped them in know about that’s faster

So rank math plugin tell me how it helps me and I’m sure if you use it they also would help you as well as they do help me as well

Inbound links

This link is mainly for your benefit because if you had links that lead to your site to your post it helps google to know crawl this posts faster and also help your users to know about them false as well

So rank math plugin would notify you if you don’t have enough of it in a post so as to aid tour ranking

Outbound links

This are links that you out on your post so as to link out to another website this is also similar to linking out to external resources, not this don’t really help to site your linking to but because you help search engine bot to know these sites better it helps your ranking

This plugin also tell you if you have any in your post

Power words (This feature is not in Yoast plugin)

This is one if the reason why this plugin this far better than other Seo plugins because it tell you if you have any power word in your title and tells you to use one also let you know the advantage of using this power word for a post (power word helps you to gain more click over your competitors even when they outrank you)

Numbers in Seo title (This feature is not in Yoast plugin)
When I first use this plugin to optimize my post as they told me to use the number I don’t understand but when I leaned more about why I have to use numbers I really it is also like power words and help you to gain more clicks over your competitors as well

Table of content

Rank math plugin helps you to the advantage of using the table of contents for your site because it helps the users to navigate to anywhere they want to move to on your post so this might also help you in ranking

Snippet winning (This feature is not in yoast plugin)
Like I’ve once said in this post that this post would help you to win snippet yes this is very possible even when you don’t worth it and all webmasters know that this is another source of the traffic to your site from Google

Rich snippet (This is the latest update from this company)
This is also like winning snippet but according to this company this means that your contents, be it mucis, articles, books, blog posts, products, and so on have an advantage of winning snippet on google if you are using their plugin and also more advantage awaits you if you’re want to use this interesting seo tool

Best way to get over your competitors
How to install rank math plugin

If you want to install this plugin all you have to do is to go to your

wordpress dashboard
Click on plugin
Add new plugin
And then search for rank math
Then install and active to enjoy the plugin
Thou getting over to google front page is not an easy task but with strong backlinks to your site and this plugin I’m assuring a better ranking for your site on all SERP

It’s all said in this article if you want to get a better ranking for your site this is the only recommended plugin I do give out to people and it really helps in getting more visitors from Google I call this plugin a cheat for ranking.

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