Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) about the use of Tellingnaija

Our terms and conditions was updated on 2nd of March 2020

All visitors are to read and understand our terms and conditions carefully before using our products
All your use and access to our services are totally conditioned with agreement and your acceptance with this terms.
Our terms are imposed on all users of this website

Your access to our blog means you agree strictly to our terms and conditions. Although if you disagree to all our terms and conditions or some part of it, means you will not have full access to our services.

How we links to other web-sites

Tellingnaija pages, services and post can sometimes contained links or links to other third parties services or website that we don’t have full access to control it.
I repeat again, Tellingnaija don’t get full access over those link, we are not responsible for any of the links or their policy of other websites.

You further accept and agree that, for any damage or loss, either directly or indirectly, caused by or in connection with the use or dependence on material, products or services available on or through these sites or services, Tellingnaija shall not be held responsible or responsible. You accept and agree that.

We strongly advise you to access any third-party websites or services you use under the terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Governing Law

Without prejudice to its conflict of law provisions, these Terms shall be regulated and interpreted in compliance with the laws of Nigeria.

We will not be viewed as waiving such rights if we fail to follow any right or provision of these Words. Should a court deduce invalidity or non-enforceability of any clause of these Terms, the remainder of those provisions shall remain in force. Such Terms are our whole contract agreement and override any arrangement we might have with respect to the contract between us until it is completed and resolved.

Changes to our rules

We can alter or delete the Terms at any time at our absolute discretion. If a change is necessary, we will seek to include a notice of at least 30 days before any new provisions come into force. We shall determine at our own discretion what constitutes a material change.

At our absolute discretion we can alter or withdraw the Terms at any time. If a changes are needed, at least 30 days before any additional provisions come into force shall be included in the notice. We must decide what constitutes a material change at our own discretion.

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